Requirements: - min 500 members for global discord - min 300 members for guild discord - min 700 members for alliance - server must follow Albion's ToS (no hacks, radars, maps etc) new. About Community. Broke as sh*t but all those gathering ain bringing you to high places? Support Server. ... or might even invite you to a Discord interview with the recruitment leader. Join. Completed in 9.674 seconds. Q: What is this? Total Battles in DB: 720811 First Battle in DB: 86372539 (Started: 2020.05.19 22:23:36 (UTC)) Trying to join a guild? Find the best new Albion Online Discord servers. It’s a fair question, and depending on the type of player you are and your objectives in the game, it might seem like guides are a waste of time. Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Albion Online Database. hot. We are looking to build up our core members and spread our tentacles as we find more friends and make new enemies -together-. Albion Helper is a bot for server, which sends information about the battles of your guild in the game Albion Online Search Top Guilds by Kill Fame # Guild KillFame Members Members historic Historic Members; 1: Blue Army: ... Martin | Discord Gank those gankers because they DESERVE TO DIE, ALL OF THEM. card classic compact. 1.17.405 / REV 175545 - 29 September 2020 | Server time, UTC: Rise of Avalon Patch 6 - Ver. Albion Helper 8. ! In Albion Online, guilds can only have a maximum of 300 members. copyrights, trademarks, service marks belong to the corresponding owners. We are newbie friendly however anyone can join. With 50,000 Albion Online Discord servers, Guilded is the best place for Albion Online players to discover new Discord servers. Support Server, Utility 2. pinned by moderators. Press J to jump to the feed. New Players Get Rich Quick Guide 2020 Post Queen Update - Albion Online - Zero 2 Hero Ep.1 - Duration: 32:27. about his inventory and equipment and about the equipment of the attacker, You can bind several guilds at once to view their PVP activity, Discord help server with all settings and instructions. ... NEWBY’s Discord Albion Guilds r/ AlbionGuilds. Install Discord Killbot. We are looking at PVP (big and small) once we are big enough as well as plenty of PVE, You can pm me on Reddit or join our discord server for an invite to the guild. Our tactics have lead to Savage becoming among the most hated, feared, and disrespected names in the game. Trying to join a guild? Discord KillBot for Albion Online Killboard. Healer + dps right now. It's a Discord Bot that notifies your channel when tracked character, guild or alliance dies or kills someone. Netherlands. Join Best Albion online Guilds by Fame. Guilds can have no more than 300 members and can combine with other guilds in a formal alliance system. Recruiting for one? We run 8pm cst till whenever M-F and weekends whenever. Friendly people who are always ready to party up for a dungeon. It's a Discord Bot that notifies your channel when tracked character, guild or alliance dies or kills someone, Just click the button and choose the Discord Server you wish to add this bot to Install Discord Killbot, It sends different messages based if it's a "brag" or a "hunt", It requires 3 permissions to work: Read Messages (so it could accept user input), Send Messages (obviously) and Embed Links (so it could attach a link to the killboard), To configure the bot simply mention it by name and you'll see instructions: @ao-killbot, Rise of Avalon Patch 6 - Ver.

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