Practice it as you would present it in storytime and record a video of yourself presenting it and demonstrating the signs.

If you feel comfortable sharing your video with your classmates, you can post it. Select "My Account" and then select the "Files" tab to see all of your digital downloads.

Aug 11, 2014 - To make plans (or even just discuss about what you did over the weekend) with Deaf friends, you need to know how to sign time of day, as well as days or weeks. I really appreciated the topics covered and all the additional tips the instructor contributed to the discussion forums.”, “Kathy MacMillan was an outstanding teacher, and I would highly recommend this class to my colleagues.”, “This course was appropriately named. She presents storytelling programs introducing sign language through Stories By Hand and offers training and resources for enhancing storytimes through Storytime Stuff.

Assignment: Select one of the storytime activities you wrote about in last week’s assignment.

The Qumran community, commonly associated with the Essenes, held in its library several texts mentioning Shavuot, most notably a Hebrew original of the Book of Jubilees, which sought to fix the celebration of this Feast of Weeks on 15 of Sivan, following their interpretation of Exodus 19:1. Login or sign up now! What is the correct mouth morpheme (sound you make) for the small tree?

It began with the harvesting of the barley during Passover and ended with the harvesting of the wheat at Shavuot.

These festivals "constituted an extension of the festival of Shavuot..., which celebrates the New Wheat".

6:15–22 and 44:1–5, the holiday is traced to the appearance of the first rainbow on the 15th of Sivan, the day on which God made his covenant with Noah.

In addition to learning basic American Sign Language (ASL) vocabulary appropriate for use with children in library and classroom settings, you will also learn

Join our online ASL Class!

We proudly welcome children aged 6 weeks to 5 years of all backgrounds- including those which are hearing, Deaf, and Hard of Hearing- to grow along with us. What time do the boys finally wake up in True Fish Story? to use this feature. The graduating class stands in front of an open ark, recalling the standing of the Israelites at Mount Sinai for the giving of the Torah. "Weeks"), is known as the Feast of Weeks or Pentecost (Koinē Greek: Πεντηκοστή) in English. In this 6-week eCourse, Sign Language expert Kathy MacMillan explores the benefits of signing with all children. supports HTML5 video, IN SIX WEEKS (as in "6 weeks in the future"). (4) Because Shavuot is traditionally cited as the day of the giving of the Torah, the entry of the entire Jewish people into the covenant of the Torah is a major theme of the day.

Meat is usually served at night and dairy is served either for the day meal[23] or for a morning kiddush.

The service is printed in a book called Tiqun Leyl Shavuot.

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