Both pushed .257 caliber bullets of 87- to 120-grains in the neighborhood of 2,600 to 3,200 fps. This load produces 1232 ft. lbs. Both bonded-core and monometal expanding bullets have made a huge difference, as they will take full advantage of the high muzzle velocity the .243 can generate. Fortunately, a broken shoulder and a leaking chest cavity would have eventually dropped him, but a second shot did it much faster. Sometimes enhanced accuracy, but hard to prove. I have killed deer with more than a few different cartridges, from .22 centerfire through .50 caliber handgun cartridges. The .243 Winchester cartridge, introduced in 1955, is very popular. Those heavier slugs continue fulfilling this role nicely, hitting 2,900 to 3,000 fps – about 100 fps faster than the 257 Roberts with a 115-grain bullet. This load does not have the long range, dependable killing power on deer and similar game that its flat trajectory and MPBR might suggest. I also have gained some velocity levels with each of these rifles. Bronze is much softer than barrel steel. Why You Should Support Ron Spomer Outdoors. Jeff, the 243 WSSM is a ballistic twin to the standard 243 Win. I just wish all my loads came this quickly. bullet, 45 grs. loaded as fast as we could get them going; along with factory Federal 80's. To Dave; dido on burning the furniture in the 80s. I have arthritis bad in my shoulders. It can burn about a grain more of any given powder with bullets of 80 grains or lighter. My concern was bullet selection. 2 contour Douglas barrel; it proved capable of 1⁄4-MOA accuracy, which was uncommon for that era using common hunting bullets. You basically have two options: a fairly frangible bullet that breaks up to spread tissue destruction wide. I realize that setting a KPS of 15 as a baseline power standard for the .30-30 load is a judgment call, but I am comfortable with it. TTSX pill for my .243 WIN. Both were quick kills with the bullets essentially exploding in the heart. Anyone who disagrees with the baseline KPS I used here may change the analysis to use any cartridge, load and ballistic parameters they feel accurately reflect effective killing power and range, for deer or other game. It may have been the newest, hottest centerfire on the market when Elvis was singing Jailhouse Rock, but that doesn’t mean it’s over the hill. “Phil, I can probably put you on an even eight-pointer, but that’s a good deer.” He was twice as tall as any other buck I saw on that ranch. Despite all of the “dropped in its tracks” commentary above, my observations of the .243 Winchester for whitetails in the Pennsylvania woods at 25-75 yards have been less than inspiring. These observations inlcude unrecovered deer and seemingly poor bullet performance. screwed up and let my wife use it now she wont give it back. Also, premium bullets. The .243 slug drops about a half-inch more at 300 yards, an inch more at 400 yards. Bake a cake and light the candles. Currently, it ranks sixth among the best selling cartridges in the USA, just behind the .270 Winchester and ahead of the 7mm Remington Magnum. There are some seriously low drag, slippery bullets now available in .243, 6.5 (.260) and 7mm (.280 or .284). Once I had established the KPS - EKR relationship for one load, I realized that I could use the KPS value of 15 as a baseline for determining the EKR of other .30-30 loads, which I did. I recently come by a Weatherby 257 Magnum and really enoying it. Been shooting 130gr 270win for last two years five shots five dead deer none has taken a step I have used everything in the past thirty years the ttsx is amazing shoots so accurate on paper it’s scary go Barnes bullets, Which bullit Hendrix ? The .243 was initially offered with 80-grain bullets intended primarily for varmints, while the 100-grain softpoint was designed for deer. The .257 bullet drops 2 inches more at 400 yards, but it also carries 100 foot-pounds (f.p.) Bullet velocity is not neglected, because velocity is the most important factor in calculating kinetic energy. First, I used the point blank range calculator at to calculate a +/- 3 inch MPBR for the load. Shooters who have enjoyed more than 50 years on planet Earth might be surprised to hear younger folks questioning the merits of the “old 243 Winchester.” Old? We had been in the blind for maybe a couple of hours, and the deer were just starting to show up. (All in 7-pound rifles.) I just finished a mule deer hunt in Wyoming and made my third one shot kill with the .243. The problem in the old days with the 243 was bullet not expanding properly beyond 200 yards this cause serious problem and a loss of many animals. Temperature was recorded at 24 degrees below zero. Lung/heart shots are about like deer. A great non-lead load in 243 and 7mm-08 are Vor-TX with Barnes X bullets. The deer took off and I waited a little bit and started to follow the deer at the last place I seen him. For some reason, the 243-caliber hit a nerve. Used 100 gr Sierra Game Kings with IMR-4350 and max Sierra book load – 3,060 fps < .5 MOA on first try for a 22" Howa. […], […] 244 Rem. I’m a huge fan, love reading you articles, and really respect your insights. The past couple of years, I have fallen in love with long range shooting. Moly bullets is a personal choice. They are all gone now. While impressed, I didn’t want to jump to any conclusions too soon. Hornady is experiencing extremely high demand for ammunition, bullets and components. The Barnes bullet isn’t that bullet. I’ve had mixed results with polymer tipped, lead core bullets such as the Ballistic Tip over the years, too. By comparison, today Winchester-advertised velocities list the 80-grain bullet at 3,350 fps and the 100-grain at 2,960 fps from a 24-inch test barrel. These results indicate that bullets weighing less than 90 grains are not very useful for hunting deer with the .243 Winchester. My initial thought is to shotgun hunt pheasants, quail, etc. This website contains advertisements. I found out that it reduces friction in the bore enough that it requires bit higher level of powder to get the same pressure levels. Thanks, Erik. can generate at 500 yards to topple steel rams. Its purpose was to offer the hunter a cartridge that could easily do double duty on both predators/varmints and deer-sized game alike. My thoughts on the 243 are a little big for lots of varmits & a bit short for deer. Yes sir, same here! I have officially made the switch to all-copper Barnes bullets and have full faith that if I do my part, they will too. nicely said ron… been there, done that. 1A Light Sporter single shot. I’m not sure I fully understand your barrel break-in procedure, but if you’re merely running one solvent patch down a new barrel before shooting, you’re not accomplishing much. Ron, buffalo bore has 180 gr hard cast loads for the 357 mag rifle that have 2,000 Fps and 1,600 ft lb energy at the muzzle. Current industry maximum average pressure for the .243 is 60,000 psi. Excellent article Ron. What grain bullet did you use? The .243 Winchester thrives on powders with a burn rate that approximates 4350, so the selection of top-notch extruded and spherical (Ball) powders is extensive, with many offering excellent accuracy. One that took long enough to set up that Nick had time to get his camera out and take this photo. While the 270 Win. BTSP, 257 Rbts. I was hooked on the cartridge ever since. lbs., BC .384. Featuring corrosion resistant nickel-plated cases that are sealed watertight and topped with the accurate and rugged GMX ® bullet, Outfitter ® ammunition is designed to perform under the toughest conditions. After all, that second shot was looking pretty good. I’ve heard very good things about Savage accuracy, so we’ll see if this is a worthy successor to the Ruger. Go with a broadside, behind the shoulder shot with frangible bullets. Note that the HITS calculator uses 100 yard impact velocity as an input variable. I think perhaps the next time I hunt elk I will adjust my aiming point a little farther forward and go for a shoulder shot. Having confidence in one’s rifle/bullet goes a long way toward making us better shooters/hunters. When hunting deer (especially mule deer), feral hogs and smaller black bear, the Grand Slam is a great choice. Friday, May 12, 2017. Not enough horsepower for me. Sign up to receive new product announcements, special offers, and the annual product catalog. kicks with about 18 f.p. J. Moyer, good point. Love the long shits on deer you are successful at. Similar recoil velocity, but a bit more energy in the 30-06. About six years ago I purchased a Savage in 243 with the Accustock. They deliver devastating damage to heart and lungs if slipped in broadside, but can’t be trusted to reach vitals from other angles. However, I made an observation I’d like to share with you. It can stop flinching in experienced shooters. With 100 grain bullets, the old 243 actually handles a grain more powder than the WSSM. Prior to the 243 Winchester’s arrival, America’s most versatile, light-recoil, “dual-purpose” cartridges for hunting varmints and deer were the 250-3000 Savage and 257 Roberts. It has the benefit of giving me a standard against which I can evaluate dependable killing ranges of other .30-30 loads, as well as other cartridge/load combinations that might be used for hunting deer and other Class 2 game.

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