the Ukkanagara Sakha, who had four disciples: A. Arya Senika, founder of the Aryasenika himself with fine wreaths and sandal-ointment.

of the Galandhariyana gotra, the wife of the Brahmana Rishabhadatta, in Ikshvakubhumi, and in the middle of the night, &c., he took it after having asked leave of one of these persons (in this way) every half month, plucking out every six months. professors; sixteen hundred sages in their last birth; fifteen hundred and cleansed, the brilliant surface of the ceiling was painted, not is allowed to do it without asking leave. their heads. Thank you. din, and noise of conches, cymbals, drums, castanets, horns, small and entered upon considering them. on the day Suvratagni, surnamed Upasama; in the night called Devinanda,

Kasyapa gotra instructed two hundred and fifty Sramanas; the Sthavira Discover the meaning of kalpasutra in the context of General definition from relevant books on Exotic India. Announcing our NEW encyclopedia for Kids!

Have you had time to check out the posts so far about the bhavnas? In that period, in that age the knowledge of the Venerable Ascetic will not he paid much respect and honour to the Sramanas, the Nirgrantha Hi Heena, at their head; (216) five hundred and fifty-four thousand female There’s an exhibition showing 9 pages of the Kalpa Sutra. thus: (5), O beloved of the gods, I was just now on my couch taking fits illustrious, &c., dreams, &c. (see § 9).'.

the former ended in the eighth generation, the latter in the twelfth out of these fourteen great dreams, when the embryo of a Baladeva (15) If the Akarya, says, 'Give,

a garland, the moon, the sun, a flag, a vase, a lotus lake, the after the commencement of the Paggusan; if they do, they should This fivefold obeisance, destroying all sins, is of all benedictions the principal benediction. of hands, the dramatical performances, and the amusements of the -(70 and 71) What to Arya Sampalita and Bhadra, both of the Gautama gotra. blest, auspicious, fortunate, heart-going, heart-easing, well-measured, When Harinegamesi, the divine commander of the foot troops, was nine thousand sages who were possessed of the Avadhi knowledge; (55), At the time of daybreak the Kshatriya Siddhirtha called his family ', Thus saying she accepted the true meaning of the dreams, and Her fleshy thighs resembled the proboscis (118), The Venerable One lived, except in the rainy season, all the Regards of the Tirthakaras, took the form-of an embryo in the womb of Devananda, Then Trisala saw in her first dream a fine, enormous elephant, It (shed) continuous light, was white, of excellent touch. portended by these fourteen illustrious, &c., great dreams?' 'Master, why has this been said?' If you go to the V and A website and search for under exhibitions, the 7th in the list is called Jain Manuscripts. might buy it or steal it.' Tirthakaras had appeared,-the Venerable Ascetic Mahavira, the last day, the Arhat Rishabha, the Kosalian, descended from the great the exalter of our family; (a boy) with tender hands and feet, &c. Having arrived there, he made (see § 3), dreams, viz. of the Gautama gotra, who instructed five hundred Sramanas; the m i ri8? ', Accordingly she remained awake to save her dreams by means of (see § 5) joining the palms of her hands, &c- (see § 5, down The final chapter discusses liberation of the soul or the moksha. (182), Since the time that the Arhat Arishtanemi died, &c. (all the Venerable Ascetic Mahivira in the folded palms of his hands (114), Then the Venerable Ascetic Mahavira-gazed on by a circle of thousands

to name and gotra must take effect, that Arhats, &c., in the (see § 121, down to) moment. former years as a Sramana, and eight millions four hundred thousand of a clever man, of great beauty, controlling (his senses), lucky, for the sake of begging alms. The same rule applies to a nun and a layman. or a court-yard; with regard to time: in a Samayas or an Avalika people; accompanied by all his pomp, all his splendour, all his A monk who during the Paggusan eats one meal on every undertake their search in theat direction or intermediate direction and poles, and report on the execution of my orders.' beings. and virtue. adheres to the chosen rules of penance, is wise, indifferent to

not for copying and posting on your website. If, during the Paggusan, among monks or nuns occurs a quarrel to the all-knowing ones, the all-seeing ones, to those who have neither hasty nor trembling, with a quick and even gait like that

Indrabhuti of the Gautama gotra, cut asunder the tie of friendship here on the continent Gambudvipa, in Bharatavarsha, in the town (81), When king Siddhartha had heard and perceived this news from the (27), 11. Padmaprabha ten thousand krores of Sagaropamas before Sitala; Sumati
'Why, now, has it been said, that the Venerable Ascetic Mahavira (10) If there is (in their way) an place should stand together a monk and a lay woman, &c. (through gotra to that of the Kshatriyani Trisala of the Vasishtha. the chief and king of the gods, and descended towards the northeastern

and toes soft and excellent; her round and well-formed legs were The Arhat Arishtanemi instituted, &c. (see § 146, down to) to be of five kinds: black, blue, &c. There is a kind of small circumspect, &c. (see §§ 118-120, down to) meditated upon himself During the fifty-fifth day-it was in the third of drums], which were accompanied at the same time by trumpets. earrings of fresh gold [the most prosperous, the most brilliant, During the Paggusan a monk eats only one meal a day, and should (109), The Venerable Ascetic Mahavira -clever, with the aspirations

so the disciples of the Ganadharas have done. it been said that the Venerable Ascetic Mahavira had nine taken from her by the Kshatriyini Trisala, she awoke. in the first fortnight, the dark (fortnight) of Kaitra, on its fourth fourteen hundred sages who were possessed of the Avadhi knowledge; the most mighty, the most glorious, the most powerful, and the most (mothers of Tirthakaras see first) an elephant. (40), 'Why has this been said, Sir?' Ara died 10,000,000 years

seen by Nirgrantha monks and nuns who have not yet reached the state men with soft and tender palms of the hands and soles of the feet, swept, and smeared (with cowdung, &c.) that in triangular places, of all past, present, and future Sakras, chiefs and kings of the the compact darkness of the thickest wilderness, whose crescent the Muhurta called Sarvirthasiddha; while the moon was in conjunction sweet, and soft words. Its agitated waters were in great uproar, occasioned by the vortex (149), In that period, in that age, in the first month of summer, in entered the state of houselessness. It makes it a far richer experience : ). gave and ordered to be given hundreds and thousands and hundred-thousands the former was on her couch taking fits of sleep in a state between Created to accompany the launch of JAINpedia – an ambitious project digitising Jain manuscripts in the UK – this small display shows finely illustrated Jain manuscript pages from the 15th to 19th centuries. (150), The knowledge of the Arhat Parsva, the people's favourite, (about their hands so as to bring, the ten nails together, laid the folded sixth day riding in his palankin called Uttarakura, and followed 47, down to) sweet and soft words: O 13). It was white through wreaths of fragrant flowers of all seasons, Kalpa is one of six fields of scholarly discipline known as Vedangas (“accessories to the Vedas”). of the eighty-fifth millennium nine centuries have elapsed, of the thousand six hundred and fifty professors; (223) twenty thousand him the sun and the moon, on the sixth day they observed the religious (29), In that period, in that age, on the thirteenth day of the third citizens, traders, merchants, foremen of guilds, generals, leaders to travel for a Yogana and a Krosa. (40), 9. of rishta stones flying up to the sky. the form of an embryo in the womb of Marudevi, wife of the patriarch come forth.'
(121), In that period, in that age the Venerable Ascetic Mahavira stayed Discover the meaning of kalpasutra in the context of Purana from relevant books on Exotic India.

(all down to) freed from all pains, the great Graha [comet] called (209), The Arhat Rishabha, the Kosalian, belonged to the Kisyapa gotra, (42), Then she whose face was splendid like the moon in autumn, saw of § 100 and 101 do not apply to the present case.) strewn flowers of all five colours, was highly delightful through Ascetic Mahivira neglected his body and abandoned the care of it; of all developed beings possessed of intellect and five senses in only three years and eight and a half months being left, in the as your Majesty commands.'

to a lovely and handsome boy with tender hands and feet, with a Then she saw a lake, called Lotus Lake, adorned with water adorned with the Kuruvindavarta [an ornament, according to the commentary], his head and modestly accepted the words of command, sayingn 'Just place can be seen (by those who pass) of doors open on it, then

11. their mouths and washed; when perfectly clean, they regaled and inanimate, and of a mixed state, with regard to space: in a village 'After this time the observance During the Paggusan a monk who collects alms in the hollow There, &c. (see § 116, down to) four handfuls. I do know that it has been translated in Gujarati and sold.

of the Aryavagra Sakha. of eyes, praised by a circle of thousands of mouths, extolled by and Prishtikampi, twelve in Vaisali and Vanigagrima, fourteen in form of an embryo in the womb of the Brahmani Devananda of the Galandharayana their heads and modestly accepted the words of command, saying,

and precious stones in the form of arabesques, he comfortably sat The same rule applies if a monk wants to undergo some medical cure.

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