Laser units often provide a rather simple option to control them over DMX512: An integrated chip on the control board of the laser unit has pre-programmed patterns, that then can be selected over DMX.However, the options are very limited and normally the user cannot put own patterns on this chip. DMX remote control works with Phoenix LIVE (and DMX-Adaptor) and Pangolin Quickshow (with additional external DMX->USB interface)Entry-level laser projectors without computer control option are not meant for professional use. It would be better if I had the Molex plugs for power to the board. Learn how to use laser show software and laser control hardware to run laser shows in auto mode. If your console uses the Artnet protocol, a FB4 standard version is already sufficient.First the Cues from Quickshow or BEYOND needs to be transfered to the FB4 internal player. Laserworld Showeditor verfügt über verschiedene Eingangs- und Ausgabeschnittstellen, wie DMX, MIDI oder LAN. In Eagle, select File > CAM Processor while in PCB view. Quick Hints | The Fast & Easy Way To Learn BEYOND. You can reduce the refresh frequency to counter this but don't drop it much below 50Hz or it may start to flicker. Pangolin would not be Pangolin, if it would not constantly improve existing ideas and invent new ways to make the life of their clients more easy and convinient, and to help the laser industrial as whole to grow. Turn it on and send some DMX values. You can also use this prototype to add or change any programming while you wait for your PCB to arrive. Note that these only work with the grandMA2. the device should be used to set RGBW LED and should have a independent 5th shutter/ dim chanal. You can put your own logos, texts and patterns and have all the professional features that the software provides. Now you can set everything up, program your console, then sit back and watch the show. More shift registers can be added if needed. Check the requirements for your strips. This requires a separate programmer (mine uses USBasp). Quick Hints Basic In Your Native Language! - Silly errors in code, schematic or construction including component orientation. DMX does have 512 channels, named a universe, and on every channel, 255 values can be send. I mean that way there was a way to change address without dip switches. My large bread board is in use for another project which is why its so cramped. We dont want to do too much here or it will cause other parts of our code to function erratically. If you still have it. DMX does have 512 channels, named a universe, and on every channel, 255 values can be send. See the final step for why. To operate a laser show without a PC, the FB4 network interface as DMX-Input version, with it´s build-in player laser control system, is the best choice. - No DMX isolation circuitry to make things a bit simpler since I have already used the same circuitry before and know it works. What a value on a channel means for the receiving device depends on the device itself, and if the device has been set to use that channel and value. What a value on a channel means for the receiving device depends on the device itself, and if the device has been set to use that channel and value. Your tweezers will be a massive help here. - Standard red LEDs instead of full RGB strips and FETs. Pangolin as member of the ILDA committee had a great influence on the design of that laser standard protocol, with the consequence that today this protocol is widely used to connect ILDA software freeware and commercial ILDA capable programs with laser projectors all over the world. ILDA Software free download for creating laser shows, Kinetic LED light balls at European Researchers’ Night 2017 Bratislava, LD series of laser show projectors from KVANT, Syncronorm Depence² Visualization Software. Sorry for the late reply. Most clubs already use DMX for control of their lights. The WS2812 LEDs don't require this amount of circuitry. It has serial commands hard coded which interfere with the DMX serial, 6 years ago I guess the best way would be to make the ESP8266 an artnetnode like you made in the other tutorial and then send the signals dirrectly to the strips without the need of MAX485, maybe that's what you are doing with the ws2812 ? Connect your 5V and 12V supplies and a small section of LED strip to the board and run the output_test file. GrandMA 2 Definitions Download DMX Fixture definitions provided by Mr. Jens Poehlker from MA Lighting company. Most LED strip is 60ppm. - Arduino Nano instead of a bare 328p for ease of use on the bread board. Multiple lasers – shared and independent control, Understanding zones and working with multiple lasers, Laser Light Show Definitions (what industry terms mean), Pangolin Laser Systems, Inc. ( i was trying to build a simmilar one. ILDA software is in that meaning a laser show software, that communicates by the ILDA protocol with the laser. Consider adding RDM support, dip switches or screen/buttons for address and function changing. Wiki DMXSearching for … Standard lighting and laser light are a perfect combination at a event. Find my BOM attached. Run your manufacturer's DRC (Design Rules Check) in Eagle. If all the outputs work as expected, it's a dmx issue - see below for some ideas to narrow the issue further. Add fuses to each output. Now, with laser control improved for the future, with the Pangolin FB4 laser network interface, it is even possible to get rid of a laser PC in between and directly control the laser from a lighting console.Of course, Pangolin saw who and how their clients did use their products and enabled them from the beginning to work the way they did, without ever leaving the path of industry standards.As Pangolin heavily took part when the ILDA standard, as standard protocol to communicate with the laser, has been engineered, they also implemented the existing industry standard DMX512 lighting protocol as interface into Pangolin´s laser control software solutions.With that possibility, to be controlled by DMX and to control the laser by ILDA, Pangolin created the perfect interface in QuickShow and BEYOND, as well as with the FB4, for lighting operator to incoporate their skills for lighting with the world of lasers. The DC-DC converter serves to provide power the the MAX485 without a direct electrical connection. For BEYOND additionally to the interfaces, an affordable software license is needed. Really not much. This was one of the more difficult steps. Try flashing a sketch which eliminates the DMX like output_test. It would be very easy to implement this in a nightclub. In QuickShow there is a fixed DMX mapping available, that enables an external DMX console to control main functions of the software. Seeed Studios has an online form you fill out with all the options you would like on your board and an upload function. You don't want metal filings in the PSU when you turn it on so ensure they are all cleaned away before you put it all back together. As DMX is a digital protocol, receiving devices can be daisy chained as the addressing is done at the devices. Well Your project beats mine hands down. If there are any changes or update suggestions, please contact GrandMA directly. I also only used a few LEDs to keep jumper wire spaghetti at bay. For performing laser shows, there are several options. Really not much. I am making my own design, having trouble figuring out how/where to add DMX addressing into the code so that I can set DMX address for each box via dip switch. I ended up only using a standard LED so it's a waste of space. As I wanted 4 continuous units, I simply had the first DMX start address and then a unit number. If all outputs function correctly, flash the final_code sketch and connect your DMX. It should flash red, green, blue, white. I don't think it would be an issue but I didn't want to find out. How to control a laser show, from a GrandMA Lighting Console, Laser Light Show Definitions (what industry terms mean), How to control a laser, from a DMX console, Laser Setup & Safety Basics | Pangolin Live Stream, Learning Zone Offset Effects & Discussing Company Updates | Pangolin Live Stream, Stay Safe, Stay Positive, Stay Educated | Pangolin Live Stream, FB4 Scan-Fail (Scan Guard) For Audience Scanning, Why FB4 is the right choice for lighting designers, How To Quickly Control Your FB4 Lasers From A Lighting Console, How to control lasers from a lighting console, Pangolin Laser Light Software on Apple Mac, Tutorial FB4 features in Pangolin BEYOND 4.0, DMX Control Features Tutorial Pangolin BEYOND, Laser Snow with Pangolin BEYOND laser light software, Advanced Color System Training in Pangolin BEYOND, How to stack laser projectors to increase the laser output brightness and reduce flickering. You may also have a defective component - but this is unlikely unless you have supplied an incorrect voltage to it. QuickShow and BEYOND as show software are prepared for being externally controlled. Sorry for the late reply.The longest was about 8-10 metres from memory. There are heaps of Arduino inputs available so you could easily add a 10 way dip switch for this if desired. Share some pics when you're done.You might also be interested in my wireless artnet node to control them. I have previously built Arduino based DMX relays and figured that it couldn't be too hard to adapt to LED strips.This Instructable is written to help you design, build and program your own units with any changes you need. 1 year ago. BEYOND can also be obtained as free laser show software download, just the license file needs to be copied to the working directory.

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