and producing artists like Kudai, Luis Fonsi, Reik, Denise Rosenthal and Maite Perroni among others. Koko lavish lifestyle indicates that he has a good net worth. Born Cristian Stambuk on March 16, 1977 in Osorno, Chile, singer and songwriter Koko Stambuk (aka Koko) is better known as a successful Latin pop producer. A Latin Grammy Award is an accolade by the Latin Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences to recognize outstanding achievement in the music industry.

Along with Cristian Heyne formed the successful pop groups Supernova, Stereo 3, Amango, CRZ, Gufi, Kudai, Six Pack and worked with singers Kel and Denise Rosenthal.

He worked about six years for this band and left in 2002. Besides, Stambuk is active on social networking sites like Instagram Twitter, and Facebook. A logical move to the epicenter of Latin pop followed, and Stambuk duly relocated to Mexico City in 2007. Also, he recorded his first studio album, Valiente with Luis Fonsi and Reik in 2009. He is a Chilean by nationality and belongs to the non-Indigenous ethnic background.

Her Children? Currently, he is in a relationship with Maite Perroni, a 34-year-old Mexican Actress. Talking about his personal life, Koko is a Chilean by nationality and belongs to the non-Indigenous ethnicity. Although his current estimated net worth is yet to reveal, looking towards his lifestyle, he must have a net worth in over six digits. His contributions to the soundtracks of the Spanish version of Sesame Street and Alfonso Cuarón's celebrated Y Tu Mamá También helped to make Stambuk's work recognized outside Chile, where he had evidently became a big fish in a very small pond. Koko Stambuk started his career in 1996, as the lead artist and songwriter of the Chilean rock pop band called Glup!, established in 1996. Koko may marry soon with his girlfriend, Maite Perroni. Koko was born in Osorno, Chile and grew up there by her parents. band, he has involvement on the soundtracks of the movie, Los Debutantes, directed by Andres Waissbluth and released in 2003. Outside of his commercial work, Stambuk studied theater and anonymously moonlighted on the electronic project Frijoles, with whom he released "Elefantes Volviendo a Casa" in 2006.

Disclose Geoff Bell's Personal Life And Professional Career! Their affair is one of the hottest topics in the media. In 2006, he formed his first virtual band, Frijoles together with Luis Tata Bigorra and Chico Claudio. He also became a top-of-the-list rock/punk producer thanks to his involvement with bands Gufi and Tronic. Also in 1999, Stambuk formed a production team with Cristián Heyne under the moniker Packman. Koko may marry soon with his girlfriend.

Koko formed the successful pop groups like Supernova, Amango, CRZ, Kel, Six Pack, Stereo 3, Denise Rosenthal and Guffi together with Cristian Heyne. He has 23.6K followers on Twitter and 11.3K followers on the Instagram.

Their massive commercial success turned Stambuk into a much sought-after producer and songwriter in Chile, particularly in the pop field, where he worked with the likes of Amango, Denise Rosenthal, CRZ, Six Pack, and Kudai.

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