The Animals Divine Tarot has been entirely created by Lisa Hunt, artist of the Shapeshifter and Celtic Dragon Tarot decks. The dog on The Fool is wild and untamed. The Bohemian Animal Tarot has 80 charming cards with the Rider-Waite-based tarot archetypes represented by part-human, part-animal characters. Advisors fee as low as $3/minute. The Ferret Tarot is an amusing, unique and readable Tarot focusing on the perspective and life of the ferret. It was an incredibly popular independent deck when it was published in 2012, and happily is now widely available in a box set that includes the 78 cards and a 208-page guidebook. Buy your set from now. I will walk you through each card placement, musings for while you are shuffling and provide my own cards and interpretations. This is often a sign to tap into your dharma, your soul's purpose. Author Kim Krans says the keywords are "effortless creativity, sensitive mystic, elegant power." I often get asked these questions by people who are first learning to read Tarot. However, it is actually a salamander - salamanders represent the element of fire. The Medicine Cards feature a nice cameo of the particular animal, but are a little on the plain side. What IS it? How will you achieve your dreams? These spirits symbolize your personality and predisposition. This guide is 100% free, and you can check it out here: Cards used in this post are The Rider Waite Tarot deck. This is about trusting in yourself, in the present and awakening to your fullest power. That is all for the meanings of the animals which appear on Tarot cards! The animal can be real like a raven or a butterfly, or imagined, like a dragon or a unicorn. The Tarot Familiars is a 78-card deck of animals in magical settings, by wildlife artist Lisa Parker. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. It is a popular European superstition that rabbits are good luck (especially their feet). The major arcana and court cards depict watercolour images of animal gods and goddesses, while the suit cards are associated with animals, birds, reptiles and insects of the water, air, earth and fire. The Sea Serpent asks you to trust in her flow – she will get you where you need to go, straight along on your divine path. If the King is standing on a tortoise, then this means that he is the slow-moving, wise, and cunning Court of the Pentacles suit - an interpretation that fits in nicely with this card. This is the first tarot deck from oracle author, Scott Alexander King. What path do you wish to take? The Animal Whispers Empowerment Cards is a set of 44 cards from Madeleine Walker, an animal healer and intuitive. What message might Spirit have for you here? Colette Baron-Reid is an internationally acclaimed Oracle expert, thought leader, and the creator of nine Oracle card decks. Therefore, for me, it makes sense that Knights are riding horses because I often interpret them as someone you may have a friendship with.

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